Webinar: Pelvic Stabilization and Complicated Knee Conditions

James Waslaski

This presentation will review a structural and multidisciplinary approach for treating low-back pain, sciatica, bulging discs, SI joint dysfunction, and complicated knee conditions. Learn cutting edge research on myofascial pain, scar-tissue mobilization, trigger points, and joint pain. Modalities used will be functional assessment, myofascial release, NMT, joint capsule work, myoskeletal alignment, active isolated stretching, and strengthening protocols, specific to each clinical condition. After pelvic stabilization, we will address the following knee conditions: patella femoral pain, patella tendinosis, chondromalacia, IT band friction syndrome, fixated posterior fibular head pain, abnormal knee rotation, medial and lateral collateral ligament sprains, medial and lateral meniscus tears, ACL and PCL sprains, popliteal pain, hamstring strains, and plantaris strains. Learn to bring all of the muscle groups that affect the hip and knee into balance prior to treating the clinical symptoms.

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