Video Course: Pain and Self-Care: A Panel Presentation

Diana Thompson

As massage therapists, we understand the importance of combining massage, movement, and mindful awareness into our treatment sessions. Now learn to apply them to your self-care practices. Three experts from each field—massage, movement, and mindful awareness—provide simple tools for preventing and treating pain. Diana Thompson demonstrates dry brushing to decrease inflammation of the hands, wrists, neck, and shoulders; Nancy Haller teaches movement practices to enhance ease and grace around the table; and Carolyn McManus guides you through mindful meditative awareness to calm your nervous system and give you tools for transitioning between sessions.

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Diana Thompson
A massage therapist for over 30 years, Diana Thompson practices in Seattle, treating acute and chronic pain disorders. Thompson is the former President of the Massage Therapy Foundation and has received many awards, including Massage Therapist of the Year, One Concept, and Humanitarian of the Year, Performance Health. Her newest endeavor, Hands Heal Electronic Health Record, turns her book, Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, into an online charting system. Thompson also wrote Integrative Pain Management: Massage, Movement, and Mindfulness Based Approaches, which was published in 2016. Learn more at
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