Video Course: Orthopaedic Assessment as Palpating Living Anatomy

David Zulak

Learning to assess all the joints of the body, including the spine and pelvis, is simply learning living anatomy. Truly comprehensive assessment skills enable massage therapists to put the knowledge base they learned at school into practice. Through enhanced assessment skills therapists will learn how to apply anatomy and pathology knowledge into understanding how the body functions and how it becomes dysfunctional. To do this, the therapist has to see the state of individual joints and tissues, while also seeing how all of these work together as a whole.

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David Zulak
David Zulak is the author of Comprehensive Orthopaedic Assessment for Massage Therapy. He teaches in private vocational schools and community colleges, and teacher continuing education courses for MTs as well. Though he has taught a variety of subjects, his principle interests have always remained learning and teaching clinical assessment. He maintains a healthy clinical practice that focuses on treatments, and he benefits from a high number of referrals from physicians. Zulak has an extensive list of diverse experience in the areas of postgraduate studies and RMT education development. Zulak writes the Essentials of Assessment column for Massage Therapy Canada magazine. Learn more at
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