Video Course: The New Animal Massage

Lola Michelin

Most massage practitioners have heard of animal massage, but few are aware of the growing opportunities to practice in this area of massage. As a specialist in the areas of performance and rehabilitation massage of animals, Lola Michelin will shed light on the many ways advanced techniques mastered in the human field have direct applications in the animal realm. Go on a tour of documented case studies that include show horses, shelter animals, and even giraffes and monkeys.

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Lola Michelin
Lola Michelin is the owner and director of education of the Northwest School of Animal Massage, where she has developed curriculum and teaches massage for large and small animals. She also maintains her private practice, Prix Performance Therapies, where she provides massage for people, horses, dogs, and other species. She is an educator, speaker, and strong advocate on the subject of animal massage. Learn more at
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