Webinar: Myofascial Techniques: Sciatica, A New Look

Til Luchau

This webinar was featured during the 2018 ABMP CE Summit: Common Client Conditions. Join Til Luchau in this engaging and practical webinar to learn new ways to assess and address sciatic pain. Drawing from up-to-date perspectives and recent research on pain and neuroinflammation, Til walks us through a chapter from his best-selling book, Advanced Myofascial Techniques Volume II, and shares valuable tips, clear concepts, spectacular 3D animations, and multiple hands-on techniques from actual training sessions.

Click the "Handout" link to access a course outline. Go to http://a-t.tv/abmp18s to download the free follow-along handouts, or get the optional ebook that includes an entire chapter from Advanced Myofascial Techniques Volume II, as well as a mini-manual, webinar anatomy slides, and note organizer with additional related techniques. 


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