Webinar: Myofascial Techniques for the Rib Cage

Til Luchau

When a rib hurts, is it “out?” When a rib doesn’t move (like after texting in a bent-over position for too long), what is actually happening? And whatever the answers, what can we do to help when ribs hurt or feel stuck? Join popular presenter Til Luchau as he demonstrates several effective hands-on myofascial techniques for the ribs and rib cage.

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Til Luchau
Til Luchau is a World Massage Conference favorite for his stunning audiovisuals, crystal-clear instructions, and effective research-informed techniques. Luchau writes Massage & Bodywork magazine's The Somatic Edge column, and is the author of the bestselling Advanced Myofascial Techniques textbooks and DVD series. He is a certified advanced Rolfer and lead instructor at Advanced-Trainings.com, which offers distance learning and in-person seminars throughout the United States and abroad. Learn more at http://Advanced-Trainings.com.
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