Webinar: Myofascial Techniques: The Deep Posterior Neck

Til Luchau

This webinar was featured during the 2016 ABMP Head & Neck Summit. Join Til Luchau as he demonstrates several effective hands-on myofascial techniques for the cervical facet joints, transversospinalis, suboccipitals, nuchal ligament, and other key structures of the deep neck. Get the optional ebook that includes a technique mini-manual with the webinar’s 3D anatomy slides, note organizer, and additional cervical techniques. 

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Til Luchau

Til Luchau is a lead instructor and the director of Advanced-Trainings.com. He is a Certified Advanced Rolfer with a diverse background that includes manual therapy, somatic psychology, transformative education, as well as organizational and leadership development. He is the author of the Advanced Myofascial Techniques textbook series, has a regular Myofascial Techniques column in Massage & Bodywork magazine, and his articles have been published in magazines and peer-reviewed technical journals internationally. He has trained thousands of practitioners in his popular courses at schools and centers in over 20 countries on six continents. His private practice based in Colorado includes myofascial and pain-science informed manual therapy, as well as professional consulting and supervision with practitioners from around the world. Learn more at www.advanced-trainings.com.

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