Webinar: Mind Your Money

Allissa Haines, Michael Reynolds

Learning how to mind and manage your money is one of the most valuable skills for a small business owner to develop. Financial literacy is essential in moving from being a hobbyist to being a professional and earning a living doing the work you love. Join Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds of Massage Business Blueprint to learn how to manage your business finances, make more money, and plan for your financial future.

Learn more from Allissa and Michael on ABMP’s Financial Literacy Series resource page.



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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Allissa Haines

Allissa Haines has run a thriving massage practice for 15 years specializing in clients with stress and anxiety. She partners with Michael Reynolds to create business and marketing resources for massage therapists through Massage Business Blueprint. Learn more at www.massagebusinessblueprint.com.

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds is a financial advisor, tech entrepreneur, and business consultant based in Indianapolis. He partners with Allissa Haines to create business and marketing resources for massage therapists through Massage Business Blueprint. Learn more at www.massagebusinessblueprint.com.

Topics and Techniques

"This was AMAZING. Both presenters have amazing energy for the subject. This is a treasure, and it's the energy Allissa and Michael bring to the table here that is the treasure. Their enthusiasm for the subject really shows. Thank you! Minding my money is self-care!"

"Very good. I learned a lot of very practical things I can do right now to make my life easier and my business better."

"I am going on three years into running my massage business. I have made almost every one of the mistakes that the instructors mentioned and now I know how to move forward in a better and more clear direction. I took so many notes. Thank you SO MUCH."