Video Course: Matrix Hydration: New Inspiration from Fascia Science for Bodywork Practitioners

Robert Schleip

Although we think of it as fibrous tissue, fascia is primarily composed of a fluid, jelly-like substance called ground substance. Find out from the world's foremost fascial researcher and cofounder of the International Fascial Congress what really happens to fascia during your massage. It may forever change the way you think about your hands-on work.

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Robert Schleip
Robert Schleip is director of the Fascia Research Group of Ulm University, Germany, and research director of the European Rolfing Association. He has been a certified Rolfing Instructor since 1992 and certified Feldenkrais Teacher since 1987. He has an master's degree in psychology and a PhD in human biology. He is the author of numerous books and publications in the field of fascia research and fascia-related applications in manual and movement therapies. His research on active contractility of fascia was honored with the Vladimir Janda Award for Musculoskeletal Medicine in 2006. Learn more at
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