Video Course: Massage Supplies: Money Saving Secrets

Stephanie Beck

Stephanie Beck of Bon Vital will share her expertise and knowledge in the area of massage products. She will explain why there is a range in price of consumable products like oil, cremes, lotions, and gels, and how to save money without having to just choose low-cost products. In this informative presentation, you will learn the differences between the different massage products, why each are important, why there are so many on the market, how they affect cost per treatment, what modalities work best with each product, and how this knowledge can impact your business.

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Stephanie Beck
Stephanie Beck, owner of SRB Solutions, is an educator and advocate for the online marketing success of chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and spa owners. Beck is a three-time Amazon bestselling author of Social MisAlignments: The Chiropractor's Guide to Marketing Online; Social Trigger Points; and Small Business Trendsetters Volume 2. She is a contributing author on The Ethics of Touch 2nd ed. Beck has been quoted in over 230 business journals, radio stations, and television stations. She currently serves on the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Board of Directors as website and marketing director. Learn more at
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