Video Course: Massage Business Panel: The Massage Money Machine

Irene Diamond

Join some of the top women business mentors as they team up to help you banish the pain of practice poverty. These four short TED-type presentations are guaranteed to get you fired up and provide you with powerful and practical ideas for transforming your practice. Presentations include "How To Get More Doctor Referrals" with Irene Diamond, "End the Struggle for Cash And Clients" with Fia-Lynn Crandall, "The Massage Money Machine" with Karen Evelyn, and "Banishing Lone Wolf Syndrome" with Melanie Hayden.

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Irene Diamond
A therapist for 25 years, the creator of Active Myofascial Therapy: The Diamond Method, and a Massage Hall of Fame inductee, Irene Diamond is the secret weapon behind many of the world's most successful therapists. Through strategic insight and knowledge she takes thera-preneurs' businesses from good to great. As the founder of San Francisco, California's first wellness center, she knows what it takes to run a thriving massage business. Active Myofascial Therapy: The Diamond Method is one of the most fast-acting hands-on and movement-based rehabilitation therapies for myofascial dysfunction and pain. Learn more at
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