Video Course: Marketing Your Greatest Asset: You!

Dianne Polseno

You became a massage therapist because you care about people and want to make a difference in their lives through massage. How do you market that quality? How do you win a client’s trust, establish a therapeutic relationship, and keep them wanting to come see you? The first instant that you meet a client face to face is your best opportunity to tell a client what they need to know—that you are trustworthy and competent. Your skills will affect your success, but your massage can never be experienced if you don’t get clients in your door and keep them coming to see you. In this class we will discuss ways to market yourself so that what you do and who you are can be experienced and enjoyed.  

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Dianne Polseno
Dianne Polseno was a nurse and practicing massage therapist. She had 18 years of experience in massage therapy education, many of which have focused on education management. Her diverse experience provided her with a broad knowledgebase in both business and ethics, which she readily shared. Her passionate, deep commitment to strong business ethics was contagious.
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