Video Course: Making The Choice: Massage Employee Or Private Practice?

CG Funk

In the past 10 years, the massage landscape has changed dramatically. Private clinical practice used to be the only option for massage therapists coming into the field, but with the tremendous growth of the spa industry and the development of franchises, employment is becoming a viable alternative. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Is the private practice model headed for extinction? What’s it really like working as an employee? We’ll examine these questions and more in this engaging interview.

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CG Funk
As a teacher, national leader, and an industry driver, CG Funk has helped shape the US massage therapy profession over the past 20 years. Her roles in the massage and spa industries have included corporate leadership, massage therapy school administration, training and education, legislative advocacy, marketing and public relations, and motivational writing and speaking. Funk is a licensed massage therapist in Arizona and a certified therapist in California. She holds a deep belief in the healing power of therapeutic touch and is a passionate mentor and supporter of massage therapists and their care.
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