Webinar: Maintaining Sexual Ethics: Part 3-Protecting Practitioners

Anne Williams

Most clients are seeking massage for reasons that are healthy and appropriate. But what do you do when a client seeking massage for the wrong reasons ends up on your massage table and starts to cross your ethical boundaries? Also, is it possible that massage practitioners sometimes overreact to client behaviors that are inappropriate but not dangerous? Finally, what about clinic managers or massage supervisors that act inappropriately or fail to safeguard the practitioners that work for them against sexual harassment? How do you report sexual harassment and what whistleblower protections exist? In this session, we'll tackle these complex questions and discuss ways we can keep ourselves safe as massage practitioners.

View the course handout for additional information on reporting sexual harassment and whistleblower protections.

This course is the third in a series of four webinars.

This course is 73 minutes in length (1 CE hour).


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