Video Course: Lymph Drainage

Dr. Bruno Chikly

Join Dr. Chikly as he shares some of the concepts behind what makes his signature modality, lymph drainage therapy (LDT), so effective. LDT works with the specific rhythm of lymph (as described by scientific research) and the specific depth and direction of the lymph flow in the skin, mucosa, muscles, viscera, and bones. As the developer of LDT, Dr. Chikly will explain why his work takes lymphatic drainage beyond traditional applications with the unique application of lymphatic mapping and other key techniques such as lympho-fascia release (LFR), which allows the simultaneous release in restrictions of the fascia and fluid body.

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Dr. Bruno Chikly
Dr. Bruno Chickly is the developer of Lymph Drainage Therapy, a light-touch approach to navigating the lymphatic system, the first modality to teach students how to work directly with the specific lymphatic rhythm and the use of manual lymphatic mapping. He also recently developed the Brain Curriculum, which has gained worldwide popularity. Both curriculums are taught internationally through The Upledger Institute. Dr. Chikly's exhaustive research on the lymphatic system earned him the 1994 Medal of the Medical Faculty of the University of Paris in his native France. He is a member of the International Society of Lymphology and the author of Silent Waves: Theory and Practice of Lymph Drainage Therapy, the first comprehensive book dealing with the lymphatic system. Learn more at
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