Webinar: Introduction to the K-Cuts Taping System

Drew Freedman

You’ve likely seen Olympic athletes at the 2016 games covered in brightly colored tape. It’s kinesiology tape and it’s an innovative and effective modality that you can easily integrate with your current treatment approaches. In this presentation you’ll see demonstrations of how the tape is applied and will discover how this tape improves your clinical outcomes, helps with client compliance, and enhances your practice.

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Drew Freedman
Drew Freedman is the CEO and founder of Learn2Tape. He is a board certified massage therapist as well as a certified kinesiology taping specialist. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida's Sports Medicine program, where he also served as an athletic trainer and massage therapist to many professional and collegiate teams as well as Olympic athletes. He originally started using kinesiology tape in the early 2000s and eventually became a certified kinesio taping practitioner through the Kinesio Association in 2007. Learn more at http://www.learn2tape.com .
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