Webinar: Introduction to Esalen Massage

Robin Fann-Costanzo

This webinar was filmed on location at the 2017 World Massage Festival. 

Esalen massage is a fluid modality conceived at the Esalen Institute on the coast of Big Sur, California, that infuses Eastern and Western philosophies. This webinar introduces therapists to the history, philosophy, approach, and foundational techniques of Esalen massage through lecture and hands-on demonstration. The instructor guides viewers through several movement exercises to learn the Esalen massage approach to bodywork including presence, grounding and centering, breath and contact, and flow. Therapists also learn, through demonstration, the foundational Esalen massage hands-on techniques. The goal of the course is to introduce therapists to Esalen massage so they are able to incorporate the philosophy, approach, and hands-on techniques into their current sessions and determine if they wish to study the modality further and in more depth.

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