Video Course: Introduction to Ashiatsu: Part 1-Bars-Free Seated Techniques

Ruthie Hardee

Ashiatsu therapy—barefoot massage—has been practiced around the world for centuries. This unique course introduces you to the history of barefoot massage, shares the origin of DeepFeet Ashiatsu therapy, and teaches you several seated barefoot massage techniques you can perform without installing overhead parallel bars. You’ll receive a wonderful introduction to Ashiatsu and using your feet in a whole new way!

This course is the first in a pairing of two courses.

Additional equipment needed for seated Ashiatsu therapy: sturdy stool and wall access.

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Ruthie Hardee

Ruthie Piper Hardee is the founder of Ashiatsu Deepfeet Bar Therapy and created the first nationally approved course for a western barefoot effleurage technique using bars on the ceiling. Learn more about DeepFeet Bar Therapy and view their e-learning courses and live workshop calendar at

Topics and Techniques