Video Course: Integrated Evaluation and Treatment Strategies

Kerry D'Ambrogio

Many health-care professionals understand how to perform the individual techniques taught in manual therapy courses but they have a difficult time knowing which techniques to use, when to use them, and how to integrate them during a treatment session. This presentation will focus on evaluation and treatment principles and causes of somatic dysfunction, and will focus on four key questions: How do I decide which part of the body to start my treatment on? How do I decide which techniques to use: muscle, fascial, joint, or fluids? How do I decide which part of the body to go to next? How do I decide when the treatment is over? In the video portion of the presentation, you will learn about applying the evaluation and treatment principles learned in a treatment session. Muscle Energy Techniques, Positional Release Therapy, Osteoarticular Techniques, and Fluid Drainage Techniques will be demonstrated.

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Kerry D'Ambrogio

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio is a physical therapist, osteopath, and board certified acupuncture physician. His unique approach integrates various schools of thought. D'Ambrogio also has a background in acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, body talk, orthotics, muscle imbalance, and various exercise and movement therapies. D'Ambrogio lectures internationally and is president of Therapeutic Systems Incorporated. He is recognized around the world as a teacher of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and body talk. Learn more at .

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