Video Course: Integral Anatomy

Gil Hedley

Gil Hedley presents and discusses the foundations of integral anatomy, supporting this unique perspective using images from the dissection laboratory. Every bodyworker touches the whole body and the whole person, but very few have seen what they are touching under the skin. This presentation offers an anatomical perspective coherent with the experience of massage therapists and other bodyworkers who have felt the whole body and the continuity of layers, but have never seen them presented in anatomy books, which tend to emphasize regions and the rendering of discreet anatomical "parts." In this presentation, you can see the whole, and experience the transformative power of that perspective.

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Gil Hedley
While Gil Hedley, PhD, was earning his doctoral degree in philosophical and theological ethics, he undertook training as a massage therapist and was also certified to practice Rolfing structural integration in 1993. Hoping to learn even more anatomy to support his practice, Hedley began studying and then teaching human anatomy in the dissection laboratory. He has done so now for 15 years, in addition to giving numerous presentations and publishing articles and a DVD series on what he calls integral anatomy. Hedley has sold his series in 27 countries worldwide. He speaks internationally on the subject and is widely respected in the massage field. Learn more at
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