Webinar: How the Right Lubricants Improve Your Body Mechanics

Bruce Baltz

Explore how basic product ingredients affect the viscosity and glide of various lubricants and how this impacts your body mechanics. Find out how to choose “ergonomic” lubricants that better serve you and your clients. Learn how you can modify your approach in the use of specific types of massage products. You’ll go away from this presentation with a refreshed ergonomic awareness and knowledge on how to choose the optimal lubricant for specific situations, body types, and techniques.

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Bruce Baltz
Bruce Baltz is the founder of Spiriphysical, LLC, and a founding member of Deep Freeze Team, LLC. He is a licensed massage therapist in the states of New York, Florida, and North Carolina, and maintains his board certification in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Baltz has been a deep-tissue stone educator since 1999 and has taught Active Isolated Stretching since 2004. Learn more at https://www.spiriphysical.com/.
Topics and Techniques