Webinar: How to Re-Empower Your Practice and Your Life!

Sharon Desjarlais Jackman

Is your practice growing by baby steps? Or maybe even dwindling? If so, it’s time for a healthy dose of energy and passion. Fortunately, life gives us natural reset points to select inspiring new goals. But if you think they follow the cycles of nature, think again. Here you’ll learn the secrets marketing experts have known for ages: how to use the seasons of human nature to empower your practice, so that you can fulfill your innermost calling as a successful and generous therapist.

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Sharon Desjarlais Jackman

Sharon Desjarlais Jackman is a master-certified, award-winning coach for therapists who want to grow their practices into the fullest expression of their spirit. Since 1994 she has helped some of the world's leading modality developers expand their businesses, including Dr. John E. Upledger, Dr. Bruno Chikly, Paul Chauffour, Paul St. John, Jean-Pierre Barral, and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana. Internationally recognized for teaching therapists how to package, price, and promote their services with integrity and ease, she has authored hundreds of articles on light-touch therapy and practice-building. She also coauthored several books, including Modalities for Massage and Bodywork and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation. Learn more at sharonjackman.com

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