Video Course: How to Design the WOW! Into Your Virtual Presentation

Roger Courville

Webinars are a powerful educational and marketing tool, but only if you know how to do them right. If you’re wondering how you can create online presentations that wow your audience, then join Roger Courville, author of The Virtual Presenter's Handbook and an expert on the human factors of web conferencing, who presents some practical ways to jump-start your success when planning, designing, and delivering powerful webinar presentations. You’ll learn what webinar attendees want in an online presentation; the three worst mistakes in online presentations, and how to avoid them; and four webinar tactics that are critical to delivering an engaging online experience.

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Roger Courville
Roger Courville is author of The Virtual Presenter's Handbook and Successful Webinars with GoToWebinar. Courville is an internationally sought-after expert on the human factors of communications that impact the power of web seminars, virtual presentations, and virtual classrooms. A veteran of the web seminar industry since 1999, Courville has reached tens of thousands live online, and he's reached tens of thousands with writing appearances for, Training Australia Magazine, Presentations Magazine, eLearningGuild, and more. Learn more at
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