Video Course: The Healthy Client: Building Repeat Clientele in a Wellness Practice

Diana Thompson

Most clients seek massage therapy for relaxation rather than pain reduction and muscle soreness. However, the client in pain returns for more massage therapy sooner and more frequently than the healthy client. Master the tools for transforming occasional clients into steady repeat clientele through education on the benefits of massage, setting personalized goals, and charting meaningful results. Learn to clarify the needs of each individual client, deliver client-centered care, and track measurable outcomes to ensure client satisfaction and a healthy practice.

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Diana Thompson
A massage therapist for over 30 years, Diana Thompson practices in Seattle, treating acute and chronic pain disorders. Thompson is the former President of the Massage Therapy Foundation and has received many awards, including Massage Therapist of the Year, One Concept, and Humanitarian of the Year, Performance Health. Her newest endeavor, Hands Heal Electronic Health Record, turns her book, Hands Heal: Communication, Documentation and Insurance Billing for Manual Therapists, into an online charting system. Thompson also wrote Integrative Pain Management: Massage, Movement, and Mindfulness Based Approaches, which was published in 2016. Learn more at
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