Webinar: Healing Moves for Self-Care

Heath & Nicole Reed

In this self-care webinar, you’ll learn to take exquisite care of your physical body through several different approaches that also help you expand your capacity to give and receive loving attention. Follow along with the instructors as you learn to keep your joints lubricated, mobilized, and aligned with a standing medical qigong series. Release and stabilize the muscles and structures of your low back and hips with floor work inspired by yoga therapy and Feldenkrais. Address the tension in your shoulders and soften tight hands, wrists, and thumbs while you release nerve, blood vessel, or fascial constrictions with wall-based healing moves.

We recommend you have the following materials available to follow along with the instructors: yoga mat and wall access.

Read Heath and Nicole’s accompanying Massage & Bodywork magazine article, “Simple Self-Care Practices & Why They Matter,” in the May/June 2017 issue and view additional "Healing Moves" videos for purchase at www.livingmetta.com/feelgoodvideos .


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