Webinar: Headaches: Triggers and Treatments

David Kent

David Kent teaches this course with passion after suffering from debilitating headaches and chronic neck pain for over 20 years and is today pain-free. He will show how to design customized treatment plans and educate your headache sufferers using posture analysis and trigger point charts. The techniques you learn can be used immediately. Join Kent for this engaging and information-packed seminar.

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
David Kent
David Kent is the founder of Kent Health Systems. He has developed a line of products to assess, educate, and document the myofascial causes of pain. Kent's systems are used throughout the world by hospitals, medical, dental, chiropractic, physical therapy clinics, and professional sports teams. Kent opened his clinic in 1992 and continues to treat clients. He teaches full-body gross anatomy dissection seminars at the University of South Florida and also teaches manual therapy and practice-building seminars. He is a regular contributor for numerous trade journals on topics including dissection, postural analysis, trigger points, manual therapy, and practice building. Learn more at https://www.kenthealth.com/.
Topics and Techniques