Webinar: Gentle Techniques for Opening the Breath

Angie Dubis

Release the breath and allow your client to breathe more fully with ease by incorporating diaphragmatic and rib release into your treatments. Follow Angie Dubis in this special video presentation as she leads you through a comprehensive approach to addressing the muscles of respiration and gently mobilizing the involved joints.

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Angie Dubis
Angie Dubis's quest to better understand the body-mind connection led her to massage school, a master's degree in counseling, and certifications in executive coaching, hypnotherapy, and personal training. Dubis has been designing and teaching continuing education classes that focus on bringing balance to the body, mind, and energy of both the therapist and the client. She teaches and blogs for Biotone professional massage products and hosts MassageEducator.com, offering online continuing education to massage therapists. Learn more at http://www.massageeducator.com/.
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