Webinar: Functional Range Release: An Introduction to a New Technique of Fascial Treatment (Part 1)

John Saratsiotis

In this presentation, you’ll learn some basic concepts around fascia and its manipulation. We’ll explore the scientific research behind a soft-tissue treatment called Functional Range Release and you’ll discover how to get a temporary reduction in the stretch reflex to assist your client in achieving greater range of motion. This course is the first in a series of two courses.

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John Saratsiotis
Dr. Saratsiotis is a Canadian chiropractor with degrees in science, biochemistry, gerontology, and physiotherapy. He has contributed as an author in various textbooks, including Fascia: Clinical Applications for Health and Human Performance and has published articles in scientific peer-reviewed journals. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Saratsiotis also teaches courses in anatomy and soft-tissue techniques at a private physiotherapy school in Athens, Greece. Learn more at http://www.physicalmed.gr/Index_EN.php.
Topics and Techniques