Video Course: Functional Fascial Taping

Ron Alexander

Functional Fascial Taping can decrease pain and increase range of motion, to encourage muscle firing and normal movement patterns. The technique has a unique objective assessment procedure and tape application to modify pain and provide tension/load at rest, active increased load (client self-administered treatment), and frequent alterations in load with movement with activity. This noninvasive treatment encourages practitioners' treatments to "hold" for longer and to rehabilitate in a pain-free environment.

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Ron Alexander
Ron Alexander is the founder of the Functional Fascial Taping (FFT) Method and presents FFT workshops both in Australia and internationally. He is co-investigator of a randomized double-blind controlled trial of FFT for chronic lo- back pain at Deakin University, Melbourne. Alexander refined FFT over several years while the principal remedial massage therapist for the Australian Ballet. During this period, he was awarded Lady Southey Scholarship for Excellence. Alexander has presented FFT to the International Olympic Committee World Congress and the World Congress on Lower Back and Pelvic Pain, and had two posters at the Inaugural Fascia Research Congress. Learn more at
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