Webinar: Fully Exposed Ethical Dilemmas

Nathan Nordstrom, Adam Parrott

In this practical presentation on the subject of ethics and massage, we’ll look at the stories of four massage therapists who found themselves in situations where they’ve been faced with unsettling dilemmas. What would you do if you found yourself in their shoes? In the battle of you against yourself, will you make the right ethical decision?

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Learning Objectives
Nathan Nordstrom

Nathan Nordstrom became a massage therapist in 2001. He is licensed in several states and is a board-certified massage therapist. He has taught massage therapists since 2004 and is a nationally recognized continuing education provider. As a massage therapist, he has worked in many settings over the years. He teaches classes in the application of ethics in daily life and advanced anatomy classes for massage therapists. He has served as a leader in many ways in the massage industry, and he is now the director of massage therapy for Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa. Learn more at www.educatedtouch.com 

Adam Parrott
Adam Parrott has been a massage therapist since 2007. Before enrolling in massage school, Parrott was a student at Portland State University studying criminal psychology. Parrott started his own private practice in 2007 and focuses on educating the public on the long-term benefits of massage therapy treatment. Parrott also co-developed an ethics workshop titled "I've Been Touched: Fully Exposed Ethical Dilemmas." Learn more at https://www.adapamassage.com/.
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