Video Course: Five Shifts for Creating Your Own Successful Massage Practice

Rebecca de Azevedo Overson

Did you follow your passion into a massage career, only to find yourself stumped about how to actually build a successful practice? Rebecca de Azevedo Overson struggled for eight years, making costly mistakes, getting deeper in debt, perpetually wondering what she was doing wrong . . . until she eventually quit. When she came back, she built a successful six-figure massage practice almost overnight—without hunting down clients one by one. In this class, you’ll discover the five vital shifts she made to turn her business around, and you’ll learn techniques and strategies that she used in order to turn your own practice into a soul-fulfilling business.

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Rebecca de Azevedo Overson
Rebecca de Azevedo Overson started her massage career in 1995 at the ripe age of 18. After quitting massage in frustration years later, she returned again in 2009 to create a successful multitherapist clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah, where she works as a birth doula, maternity and fertility massage specialist. She understands first-hand the challenges that therapists face and now helps others through her eight-week program "Rock Your Massage Practice Academy"-a mentoring program to help therapists build a thriving practice. Learn more at
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