Video Course: Five-Element Medical Qi Gong and the Smiling Organ Meditation

Heath & Nicole Reed

Ever feel as though you are running on empty-always giving to others and feeling drained? Recharge your battery and fill your cup as we practice fun and easy ways to feel good every day! Connecting with the energies of nature (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), we will practice simple self-care movements to harmonize our physiology and build our vital life force.

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Heath & Nicole Reed

Heath and Nicole Reed love to integrate ancient healing practices to balance modern-day stress and continue to evolve their own healing practice with a special focus on expanding consciousness. Join an always lively and fun conversation with Heath and Nicole, owners of Living Metta, and amplify your body intelligence with gentle, yet empowering results-driven techniques. Learn more at

Topics and Techniques

"This inspires me to learn more and practice Qi Gong."