Video Course: Factors in Back Pain — Framing the Discussion from a Clinical and Anatomical Perspective

Clint Chandler

This webinar was featured during the 2015 ABMP Back Pain Summit. Back pain affects 8 out of every 10 people at some point in their lives, meaning that most massage therapists are likely to confront this issue regularly in their practices. Join clinical practitioner Clint Chandler for a discussion that explores common types of back pain, terminology used by the medical profession, the anatomical complexity of the spine, the biomechanics involved in spinal movements, and the mechanisms of back injury. This in-depth course includes demonstrations of several hands-on techniques.

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Clint Chandler

Clint Chandler is a recognized leader in the field of massage therapy education, receiving the Jerome Perlinski National Teacher of the year award in 2002. Clint has developed and implemented core and advanced curriculum for some of America's leading educational institutions, programs, and publishers. His extensive professional experience spans over 26 years of both clinical practice and teaching experience in massage and manual therapies. He is the co-author of 4 published papers examining the effects of massage therapy on chronic tension headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. His most recent projects include the creation and launch of three mobile apps, "MyoQuiz," "MyoFinder," and "Key Terms: Palpation and Movement", which serve as musculoskeletal and terminology resources for students, professional therapists and teachers. As full-time owner and operator of Corrective & Restorative Massage Therapy Services located in Boulder, Colorado, Clint is engaged daily in the advancement of the art and science of massage and manual therapy. Learn more about Clint's work at

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