Video Course: Exquisite Self-Care: Healing Moves

Heath & Nicole Reed

Enjoy taking exquisite care of yourself as you befriend your body’s intelligence and grow your kinesphere’s potential. Experience the magic of movement as we explore medical qigong, yoga therapy, and Thai yoga for self-care. Combine the power of your presence with globally inspired healing moves that expand your positivity and feelings of aliveness! These fun healing moves generate opportunities for everyone to cultivate greater joy and moving possibilities. Follow along and discover that, as Moshe Feldenkrais says, “There is no limit to the improvement of movement.”

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Heath & Nicole Reed

Heath and Nicole Reed love to integrate ancient healing practices to balance modern-day stress and continue to evolve their own healing practice with a special focus on expanding consciousness. Join an always lively and fun conversation with Heath and Nicole, owners of Living Metta, and amplify your body intelligence with gentle, yet empowering results-driven techniques. Learn more at

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