Webinar: Essential Oils in Massage Therapy

Rae Dunphy

This presentation covers the reasons you should consider adding essential oils to your massage therapy treatments. Aromatic oils and aromatherapy can greatly enhance a massage treatment and can help in treating common issues such as stress and anxiety, pain from chronic conditions or injury, and hormonal challenges. Learn which oils are important for various conditions, how to integrate them into your treatments, and how to add to your income stream through retail sales.

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Rae Dunphy

Rae Dunphy was the president of Rae Dunphy Aromatics, Ltd, and worked in the field of natural health and aromatherapy for more than 30 years as an herbalist and aromatherapist. She was highly experienced in educating, retailing, and creating natural aromatherapy products. Her company is focused on sourcing high-quality therapeutic grade essential oils for her signature line, True Essence. Dunphy believed in simple, healing, natural products as a path to true health. Learn more at http://www.raedunphy.ca/.

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