Webinar: Equine Sports Massage

Jo-Ann Wilson

Working with animals can be a wonderful and rewarding addition to any massage practice. The theory and technique of the Wilson Meagher method of sports massage, equine biomechanics of motion, and strategies to achieve complete freedom and range of motion will be presented. Muscles and their functions will be reviewed as a foundation to recognize muscle tightness, why tightness develops, how to prevent it, and how tightness is reflected in range-of-motion restrictions that contribute to diminished performance. Examples may include diminished endurance, shortened stride, leaning on one rein, hanging a leg while jumping, and drifting to one side.

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Jo-Ann Wilson
Jo-Ann Wilson, M.Ed., is a world-renowned clinician, author, teacher, researcher, and nationally certified licensed massage therapist. Wilson's practice includes both horses and human clients, and is rich in achievement. She has experience working as a sports therapist for both riders and horses for Canadian and US Olympic teams. Most recently, Wilson served as sports therapist for the US Eventing Team for Horses and Riders at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. As the director of Wilson Meagher Sports Therapy, Wilson offers a variety of clinical and educational services in the Wilson Meagher Method of equine sports massage to professionals and nonprofessionals around the world. Learn more at http://www.sportsmassageinc.com/.
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