Webinar: Enhancing Client Relationships

David Frey

Discover how to triple your new client referrals using the effective "3-1-3 Referral Marketing Program." This referral system will transform your massage practice by getting your clients to rave about your business.

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David Frey
David Frey is the CEO and founder of Marketingbestpractices.com, a marketing and publishing company that helps small business owners make more money. Frey's marketing articles and videos have been featured in numerous magazine publications and websites. Fre is author of the The Small Business Marketing Bible and Instant Referral Systems Program. He is considered one of the top three referral marketing experts in the world. Frey has trained thousands of small business owners how to triple the amount of referrals they regularly generate by using referral systems that are simple to implement. Learn more at https://www.willpowersecret.com/vsl-1.
Topics and Techniques