Video Course: Embodied Lymph: A Movement Practice for Lymph Flow

Ann Teachworth

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This movement practice helps you understand lymph dynamics in the body and provides simple ways to support lymph flow using joint motion, muscle action, breathing, and self-massage. The lymphatic system supports immune, metabolic, and circulatory functions, and it depends on body movement to have proper flow. That flow is facilitated by skeletal muscle activity, joint motion, gravity, breathing, and other body movement. Follow along with Ann as she blends yoga, qigong, and breathwork in a fluid movement practice and learn how to support healthy lymph flow through movement and touch and put these powerful tools into practice for yourself and your clients. 

Recommended supplies: chair, yoga mat, and yoga bolster or block

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Course Outline
  • Introduction and lymphatic system overview
  • Movement practice: seated
  • Movement practice: standing
  • Movement practice: floor
  • Closing
Learning Objectives

Having viewed the online massage therapy CE course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the pathway of lymph movement through the body.
  • Describe the mechanisms by which lymph moves in the body.
  • Identify movements that support lymph movement.
  • List the steps in a series of breathwork techniques to support lymph movement.
  • List the self-massage practices that support lymph movement.
Ann Teachworth

Ann Teachworth has been working in integrative health and movement for 15 years. With her husband, Lynn, she co-founded the continuing education company, which integrates structural, functional, and energetic concepts to help good therapists be great. She is director of education at Inspirit School of Healing Arts. Her education for manual therapists and yoga teachers has an emphasis on embodied functional anatomy, kinesiology, and body-mind training. She integrates manual therapy, energetic modalities, the Franklin Method, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness to help people understand and experience their design and function more fully so they can think, move, and be more fully expressed and alive in their bodies and lives. Learn more at

Topics and Techniques

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Is this massage therapy CE course approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) for CE credit?
Yes! All of the courses are approved under ABMP’s NCBTMB Approved Provider account (451086-09).

How do I earn a CE certificate for this video-based course?
After you complete the webinar video, a quiz will appear on the page. Earn a CE certificate by scoring 70% or higher on the course quiz.

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CE certificates are available on your “My CE Transcripts” page and on the course page. Visit your “My CE Transcript” page by clicking “My CE” on the navigation bar at the top of your screen.


"I loved the flow and precision of this course. Great delivery of such beneficial information. Bonus: I feel so relaxed!"

"Loved her flexibility for what works for each individual performing the movements.  A great practice to incorporate daily, not just for lymph flow, but also body mobility and encouraging the parasympathetic system.  Great job!"

"I felt great after finishing these movements! I look forward to sharing this with my clients!"

"Ann was very thorough in her movement and thought. The information she gave was excellent and the progression of both movement and information coincided and made for a cohesive understanding of lymph movement."

"I will be doing this practice often. Thank you, I feel amazing!"