Video Course: Elder Care and Hospice

Ann Catlin

Did you know that 10,000 people turn 65 every day? Or that the fastest-growing segment of our population is 85 years and older? Among people turning 65 today, 69 percent will need some form of long-term care, whether in the community or in a residential care facility. There are 16,000 certified nursing homes, 39,500 assisted living facilities, 1,900 continuing care retirement communities, and more than 4,700 hospice programs in the United States. Working with the geriatric population and those in hospice and palliative care can be a successful area of practice and a personally rewarding experience. But even massage therapists who feel called to do this work struggle with some fears and lack confidence in their ability to successfully reach out to this special population. In this course we will demystify working with frail elders and offer keys to success. Join us and find out how you can expand your practice with confidence and follow your heart!

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Ann Catlin
Ann Catlin, OTR, LMT, is an expert in the field of massage in elder care and hospice and has 30 years of experience as an occupational therapist in long-term care and rehabilitation. She founded the Center for Compassionate Touch LLC, an organization that offers Compassionate Touch training, a hands-on complementary approach for those in elder care, hospice, and palliative care. She is a recognized author and contributor to professional publications and educational resources. Learn more at
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