Webinar: ELAP: An Industry Changing Project You Need to Know About

Anne Williams

Initiated by conversations among the profession’s leadership early in 2011, the Entry-Level Analysis Project (ELAP) goals were to obtain and use research data and analysis of findings from other massage profession documents to inform the creation of an entry-level curriculum map. The map defines the essential elements of entry-level curriculum necessary for safe and competent practice in a massage career and predicts the total number of minimum hours needed to prepare graduates for entry into the massage profession. The project outputs are being used to inform the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards’ Model Practice Act to promote portability of credentials in the massage profession. This session reports on the project findings, resources, and implications for massage professionals, schools, instructors, and students.

During the original World Massage Conference course recording, there was a technical error resulting in a portion of the onscreen images being blocked. Please download the handout for the course to view the complete slide images.

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