Webinar: Dry Brushing: Adding Value with a Simple Add-On

Felicia Brown

Dry brushing is a simple and underutilized spa technique that you can easily incorporate into your existing practice. Find out how this technique can increase lymph circulation, exfoliate skin, and possibly reduce cellulite. This video presentation demonstrates all aspects of application. After you’ve finished watching, you’ll be ready to add this valuable add-on to your list of services.

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Felicia Brown
Felicia Brown is the owner of Spalutions and provides business and marketing advice to massage, spa, and wellness professionals. Brown is a sought-after public speaker, appearing at many national and international conferences. She is the author of Free & Easy Ways to Promote Your Massage, Spa & Wellness Business: Volume 1 - Getting New Clients (& Keeping Them!) and has written for numerous trade publications, including Massage Therapy Journal, Massage Magazine, and Massage & Bodywork. For more info, visit www.spalutions.com. Learn more at https://spalutions.com/.
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