Video Course: Cupping: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

Paul Kohlmeier

This introductory presentation is designed for manual therapists who are curious about cupping therapy and are wondering whether they should incorporate it into their clinical environment, or for those who may only be interested in gaining a better understanding of the technique. In addition to answering the 5 W’s, you’ll see video demonstrations of cupping techniques.

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Paul Kohlmeier

Paul Kohlmeier is a registered massage therapist and registered acupuncturist who is also trained as a traditional Chinese medicine herbalist. Graduating with a physical education degree from the University of Manitoba, Kohlmeier went on to obtain his diploma in massage therapy from Wellington College and diplomas in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine from the Hua Xia Acupuncture and Herb College of Canada. Kohlmeier takes a decidedly different approach, focusing on current thinking and science, as well as adding a feedback-based model of explanation that includes a patient-directed approach. Learn more at

Topics and Techniques