Video Course: Cornerstones 3: Instructor Competencies – Best Practices for Educating Adult Learners

Cindy Williams

Today’s massage and bodywork instructors must do more than simply impart knowledge; they also need to motivate and engage learners using effective communication and highly planned instruction, all while continuing to grow as a professional themselves. This third course in Cornerstones: The ABMP Instructor Development Program looks at the competencies required of massage and bodywork educators to help them be most effective in the classroom. The more instructors work on these competencies, the more successful they will be at motivating and connecting with their learners and identifying how best to meet the learner’s needs and goals. Whether you’re a longtime educator who has reached a plateau and wants some new insight, or a new instructor wanting a roadmap for success in the classroom, this prerequisite course to the Cornerstones program offers a big-picture perspective of what is needed to offer the best instruction to adult learners.

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Learning Objectives
Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams has been immersed in the massage and bodywork profession since 2000 as a practitioner, school administrator, instructor, curriculum developer, and mentor. She has experienced the challenge and triumph of creatively motivating artful students to embrace science and structure. Her administrative experience allows her to understand the needs of school owners, directors, and instructors. She is a freelance content writer and educational consultant, in addition to maintaining a part-time massage and bodywork practice. Contact her at

Topics and Techniques

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