Webinar: A Conversation with Judith Aston

Judith Aston

Judith Aston is widely recognized as a pioneer in the art and science of human movement. As a young dancer, Aston was intrigued by the potential of the human body in motion. Early in her career, from 1963–1971, she created movement education programs for a community college, theater groups, dancers, and athletes. In 1968, Dr. Ida Rolf asked Judith Aston to create the very first movement education program for the Rolf Institute, where Aston taught her movement education curriculum until 1977. She is the author of Moving Beyond Posture: In Your Body On The Earth, Aston Postural Assessment, and Walking the New Body DVD. In this behind-the-scenes session, Aston shares with former Massage & Bodywork magazine Editor-in-Chief Leslie Young the evolution of her ideas, the questions that keep her curious, and the formative moments in her life and career.

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