Video Course: The Conscious Therapist in Massage

Peter Stuart

The more we are fully conscious of our mind/body and intentions, the more powerfully we can facilitate another’s ability to heal and transform. In this presentation, you will learn about the mind-body connection and the principles and practices of forming and holding an intention, and get an introduction to practices that deepen your self-awareness to engage others more effectively to empower the healer within.

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Learning Objectives
Peter Stuart
Peter Stuart is co-founder of Conscious Seminars and has been teaching and practicing massage therapy for over 15 years. He is trained in myofascial release. Stuart brings to his seminar his passion for deepening consciousness through mindfulness, art, music, and movement. Stuart's greatest desire is to help others find their divinity, power, and beauty, and to help them consciously live their lives. Learn more at
Topics and Techniques