Video Course: Change Your Brain, Change Your Results

Jill Hewlett

Your brain continues to learn and develop new skills and abilities at every age. By using Brain Gym techniques, your brain can develop to its fullest capacity physically, mentally, and emotionally. Join us for a fascinating introduction to the neuroscience behind Brain Gym and learn five simple movements that can be used individually or in sequence to put yourself and your clients in a learning-ready state and reduce stress, and to ensure that your clients get optimal results from your massage sessions.

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Jill Hewlett
Jill Hewlett, co-founder of Brain Works Global, is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer, wellness TV personality, author, and licensed educational kinesiologist of 16 years. Her extensive wellness background and expertise in working with the brain-body connection, neuroplasticity, and brain fitness gives her the skillful capacity to draw out the natural abilities and leadership of individuals and organizations to reduce stress, achieve goals and greater levels of performance, and discover a better work-life balance. Learn more at
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