Video Course: Chair Massage: An Art, A Passion, A Profession

Tony Neuman

Learn how chair massage has developed outside the United States and discover how you can develop a career in massage beyond the traditional routes that are most evident to therapists in North America. Join Tony Neuman as he discusses these topics and outlines how chair massage can provide your practice with diversity to avoid burnout. He’ll also discuss the potential of chair massage as a marketing tool for your clinical practice.

This presentation is audio only.

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Learning Objectives
Tony Neuman
Originally from Washington, DC, Tony Neuman has spent the past 15 years living, massaging, and teaching in France and Switzerland. Neuman was the assistant to David Palmer for seated massage trainings from 1989-1995 all over the US, and later, in France. He moved to Europe, where he created his chair massage training program, Touch Line. For the past 12 years, Neuman has been organising and teaching seated massage courses and marketing seminars each weekend in various countries, including France, Switzerland, and Belgium. Over the past five years, Neuman has rapidly been developing workshops in Eastern Europe. Neuman's vision is to take structured touch to as many diverse cultures as possible and to assist people in the successful creation of their massage practices. Learn more at
Topics and Techniques