Video Course: Build Your Bodywork Strength and Stamina

Burt Henry

Massage therapy is a physically challenging career that involves many body stresses. However, the human body has great potential for increased health in its musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system. When we build our strength and stamina, we notice a number of benefits including more earning potential and a reduced risk of injury. In this course, fitness coach Burt Henry identifies ways to improve musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health.

Please note: there were technical difficulties with the sound during filming. You will hear background static in some sections of the course.

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Burt Henry
Burt Henry holds a bachelor of science in human biology and is a doctor of chiropractic medicine. He is certified as a Chiropractic Sports Physician Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and as a licensed USA Cycling Elite Level 1 Coach. He is the former co-owner of Henry Chiropractic and Back Rehab Center (1988-1997), and acted as a fitness consultant for the US Navy Force Warfare Division Pax River, Maryland from 1992-1996. Currently, Burt works as a personal cycling coach, an indoor cycling instructor, a strength and conditioning coach for Monarch High School and Peak to Peak High School, a group ski conditioning trainer, and a personal fitness coach in Boulder, Colorado. As a competitive athlete, Burt has participated in bodybuilding, competitive road cycling, and Nordic ski racing. He is the former state masters cycling champion for Colorado.
Topics and Techniques