Video Course: Bowen Technique for the Massage Therapist

Ossie Rentsch

Bowen Technique has increased in popularity since it was introduced to the world by Australians Ossie and Elaine Rentsch in the 1980s. In this fascinating presentation with Ossie Rentsch—the man given the responsibility of documenting the technique by Bowen himself—you find out about Bowtech, the original form of Bowen Technique. You’ll learn about the history of the technique and its phenomenal growth worldwide and you’ll get an overview of how it works, discover conditions that can be successfully treated using this approach, and learn how it can be integrated into your practice.

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Ossie Rentsch
Oswald Rentsch was originally a farmer in Australia. Seeking to help his wife, Elaine, cope with injuries she sustained as a child, he studied complementary and alternative therapies: massage, osteopathy, homeopathic ionisation, and nutrition. During these studies, they met Tom Bowen, whose treatment changed Elaine's life. As a result of that meeting, Bowen invited the two to study with him and document his work. Together, The Rentsches established the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia and have been teaching the Bowen Technique together since 1986. Learn more at
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