Webinar: The Big Three: Addressing the Major Muscles Restricting Cervical Rotation

Douglas Nelson

This webinar was featured during the 2016 ABMP Head & Neck Summit.

While there are many muscles that have the potential to limit cervical rotation, this presentation focuses on three major muscles that most commonly play the biggest role in limiting the client’s rotation range of motion: splenius cervicis, semispinalis cervicis, and obliquus capitis inferior. Learn to accurately measure cervical rotation restrictions in both the seated and supine positions. After exploring the anatomical and functional aspects of these three muscles, you will explore multiple treatment options with in-depth hands-on demonstration. The goal of this presentation is to present treatment strategies that are most likely to have the greatest effect on the most common cervical complaint. 

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Douglas Nelson

Douglas Nelson began his career in massage therapy in 1977 and maintains a very active clinical practice. His particular interest has been the role of soft tissue in performance, serving as a neuromuscular consultant to teams in the NBA and NFL, in addition to dance companies and high level musicians. He is president of BodyWork Associates, a massage therapy clinic in Champaign, Illinois, and his teaching institute-NMT MidWest, Inc.-provides about 100 trainings annually in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Doug is a guest lecturer at the University of Illinois Medical School, the Department of Family Medicine, and the Dance Department. Doug is a columnist for Massage & Bodywork magazine, and author of Table Lessons: Insights in the Practice of Massage Therapy and The Mystery of Pain. Awarded the 2013 Massage Therapy Educator of the Year, Doug also serves on the Massage Therapy Foundation board. Visit his website at www.nmtmidwest.com.

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